Andries x Olof (Lotje)
2005 2nd Premie Gelding

Rykaard is Fenway Farms' "special" Friesian. First foal born on the farm and physically present for his birth, we knew within minutes he was unique. Born with a white star on his forehead, he was not the all black version we had expected . . . and what a handful! However, everything happens for a reason.

Our vet introduced us to her previous vet tech, Jamie Van Linn. She was a whiz at foals and all things equine and remains our invaluable equine manager to this day. If we were not certain of Rykaard's DNA you would swear he was not all Friesian. He is the largest Friesian on the farm at 17.1 hands and over 1400 lbs. He has been trained under saddle and the basics of driving. At three, he was presented for ster. While he had the points, his (white) star did him in as it was larger than allowed. Scott always jokes that with Rykaard's height he'd be a great vaulting horse. Now all we need is a team of little girls for the Fenway Fliers!