On a beautiful Kentucky morning "Team Fenway" (although Scott is the only active member :-)), pedaled off to tackle the Kentucky hillside of the Horsey Hundred bicycle ride. Armed with his faithful Fenway Trek bike and favorite Nanning jersey, he was off.

Over 1,000 bikers from across the United States and Canada took part in a variety of courses ranging from 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles; each course featured the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky with beautiful barns and grazing horses surrounded by miles and miles of fencing. One break on the ride even included a stop at the historic Keeneland Horse Track. While Scott did not get many compliments on his form along the route, he got lots of compliments on his jersey! He had not participated in any long distance rides for more than 15 years, but success and determination was on his side. Final total . . . 102 miles. Great job, Scott!